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Hello and welcome. My name is Cari Bridgen and I would like to introduce you to Art Psychotherapy. Art Psychotherapy is a psychological process that helps your conscious mind to access what is happening in your unconscious mind, through the process of making images. 

The Art Psychotherapist facilitates this process and helps you to understand and become more in control of these often hidden motivators of our moods and feelings.

It takes place in a confidential environment and helps adults, children and young people who have:

  • been severely traumatised
  • emotional problems
  • been spiritually abused
  • suffered bereavement through death or loss
  • to go through a huge change in their lives
  • lost confidence

Healing With Art is run by a professional Art Psychotherapist who is an Registered Member of the British Association of Art Therapists, an Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and a Member of the Health Professions Council.

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